A special welcome to Dr Weil readers who found their way here. I have intentionally limited the number of product choices to make the journey into understanding and purchasing water quality products easier and more manageable. I use most of the products here myself either at home or in my office (or have done extensive testing before deciding to sell it here). All products are exceptional in terms of the practical application of the best available technologies currently available to condition or purify your household, business, or office water. If you don’t see what you’re looking for please feel free to call to see if we have it (just not offered on the website) or let me know why I should sell something currently not offered.

If you own your own home you want to start by first considering a wholehouse water conditioner. More about assessing whether you need that and its benefits coming up soon. The important thing to understand right now is that the use of a wholehouse water conditioner will effect your options for secondary systems used to purify your drinking water and water used for meal preparation.

If you rent your home; most likely you cannot do anything to improve your wholehouse water quality because most building owners don't want you fooling around or modifying their building's plumbing (to add wholehouse water-treatment equipment). In some parts of the country (where poor water quality is common) some apartment owners already condition your water at a central location to protect their water pipes and plumbing fixtures from the damage of hard water. It's worth inquiring about your household water quality where you rent. Are you receiving manicipal water or has your landlord improved your water quality before it reaches your kitchen sink, shower/tub, dishwasher and washing machine?

The answer will tell you a lot about the performance you can expect from anything you purchase to purify your drinking water. If you're getting untreated manicipal water you can request a water quality report from the water company. This is worth doing to know what you're dealing with. I can help you interpret your water quality report if necessary. Most likely your options will be limited to purchasing a countertop pure-water system that does not require drilling any holes in your countertop or making any connectionsto water pipes under your kitchen sink.

Lets start with countertop drinking water systems that require no installation.

Countertop Distillers use a combination of steam distillation and post carbon filtration to provide the purest possible water.

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Our Countertop RO is perfect for apartment renters and anyone wanting a portable water purification system that requires no installation. We offer two colors; black and white. And we offer three different water type choices; RO, Pure Alkaline, and Distilled water-quality. All the advantages of the Countertop Distiller at a much lower cost of operation.

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Pure-Water Drinking-Water Systems that require installation

These options are best suited for homeowners who can modify their household plumbing

Fully automatic water distillers are much more convenient than countertop distillers at the expense of being relatively complicated equipment. Our fully automatic distiller is completely different than all other automatic distillers and is the best available anywhere at any price. Continue to understand why.

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There are many undercounter reverse osmosis systems available online. Here is my recommendation based on performance and convenience if you want to easily maintain your own equipment while affordably enjoying convenient and great tasting healthy water. This is what I install for customers in my local market (especially when they use our whole house water conditioner). We even offer the option to automatically send you the required annual replacement filters so you’ll always have the replacement filers on hand you need to maintain your own pure water system in a timely manner.

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Whole House Water Conditioning

Homeowners should start here by first evaluating their household water quality.

T5000 Carbsoft

YES this uses salt. But this is the “greenest” salt-using ion-exchange water softener available anywhere today. Best of all it's also more efficient and more effective than any other water softener available on the market today. Be prepared for something entirely different and better than any other whole house water conditioner available anywhere at any price.

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