UnderCounter Automatic Water Distiller [ New ]

UnderCounter Automatic Water Distiller [ New ]
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The commercialization and low-cost of Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems has put most distiller manufacturer’s out of business with the exception of many new low-cost distillers coming out of China.  But there remains a relatively small market segment of consumers that want and value the greater purity available from steam distillation combined with charcoal filtering.  This is particularly true of those people fighting against autoimmune diseases and curing their cancers without the typical devastating side effects of chemotherapy.

How and where do I start to explain how different this automatic distiller is compared to ALL the rest?  Here goes: 1) other automatic distillers require you to descale the boiler once a month while this unit only requires once a year; 2) the carbon filter on this unit is replaced only once a year instead of every month; 3) it uses almost 1/2 the amount of electricity to make a gallon of the purest possible water because it recovers heat from steam condensation to preheat its boiler water; 4) there are no automatic distillers that run as quietly as this one (no electric fans here); 5) you will never need to “drain and sanitize” the storage tank (an ongoing periodic maintenance requirement of ALL other automatic distillers); 6) it is the only automatic distiller than can be installed under your kitchen sink without melting all the plastic bottles and other stuff you store down there; 7) it is the only distiller that will never give you a glass of warm water; 8) it is the only automatic distiller that does not require an expensive upgrade to supply water to your ice-maker because it comes out of the box ready to do this (as well as supply water to multiple remote locations anywhere you want); and finally 9) service personnel love this distiller because when it does require repair or service all the components can be accessed very quickly for repair compared to the lengthy disassembly procedures required of other automatic distillers.

This is the only water distillation system on the market that is safe
to install under the sink or in any other enclosed area you choose.
That's because it uses a unique patented water-cooling process that
eliminates the hot air exhaust normally associated with air-cooled
water distillers. With no hot air, it's safe to install wherever you
like! Through its patented process, the heat either goes down the
drain or into the boiler at a preheated temperature to reduce your
electric bill.

The water is always cool and ready to drink. Because it's a
water-cooled distiller, cool pure water is always available at the
touch of a button.

The system allows water to be drawn on demand and distributed through
a special faucet installed at your sink. And you can hook it up to
your automatic ice-maker and to your refrigerator's water dispenser.

Low maintenance and self-sterilizing. This is the only distiller that
operates silently, plus it is a low-maintenance, self-sterilizing
appliance that automatically cleans its boiler reducing boiler
maintenance to once once a year instead of monthly like other water


Compact size: 21"(L) x 13"(w) x 15"(h) / 55 cm(L) x 33 cm(w) x 40 cm(h)
1000 watts, 120 volts 60 hz 8.5 amps
5 gallon storage tank
Makes up to 10 gallons per day
Self-sterilizing unlike all other water distillers
Comes with demand pump as standard feature
Life Time Warranty Stainless Steel, (Grade 304, 18/8)
Dual gas elimination for superior water quality
Replaceable Heating Element with Thermal cut-off for safety
Comes with stainless steal faucet to mount on your kitchen sink

Warranty: Lifetime Warranty on Stainless Steal and one year on all
replaceable parts. Does not include labor for replacement of parts.
Proof of Purchase Required.

Return Information: All returns of this units product must be
pre-authorized within 5 days of receiving your shipment and returned
with original unopened packing and subject to 15% re-stocking fee.


Model D3110P is a new unit shipped with a drain pump for installations
where the elevation of the top of the boiler is below the elevation of
the drain connection.  This is the model you want for most under
counter installations.  You can also install this model on a shelf or
table in your utility room, garage or basement when the drain
connection will be above the height of the top of the boiler.

Model D3110S is a new unit shipped with a solenoid drain valve for installations where the elevation of the top of the boiler is above the elevation of the drain connection.  This is usually not the model you want if you are installing under your kitchen sink.

Note: There will be an additional charge if you order the wrong unit
and later need to exchange your drain pump for solenoid valve.
However you can change you mind about where you decide to install and
there is no difference between these two units other than one is
shipped with a drain pump and the other shipped with a solenoid valve.

If necessary call us (520) 303-1646 for help choosing the right unit
or help determining if it will fit under your sink.

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