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Ever notice people who drink a lot of water are usually in pretty good shape?  Of course they eat right and exercise and we all need to drink plenty of water because our bodies are 75% water (and our brains 85%).  Twenty years ago I began looking for a way to provide my family with the purest possible water.  I found a number of systems that all made equivalently pure water but only one that did it in a unique and clever way with many advantages including less periodic maintenance.  Lets face it, convenience is important to busy living if you want to consistently maintain an active healthy lifestyle.  And today there are no other drinking water systems sold anywhere that provide a higher level of water purity more conveniently than this.  See it here in my STORE.  

Eventually I introduced this product to Andrew Weil MD because I had read his books and thought he might appreciate just how much better this was compared to all the other competing product designs.  Not surprisingly Dr. Weil saw right away the unique features I was so excited about and started using the system himself; and eventually shared this discovery with his readers.  After being listed as a resource in the appendix of some of Dr Weil’s books, some of his readers asked if I could also recommend an exceptional whole house water conditioner.  That began a more difficult and lengthy search; and five years later I finally found a whole house water conditioner I could live with and recommend to others because it really is significantly better than all the rest.  See it here in my STORE.

I didn’t think I needed anything more than these two innovative products to keep my family safe and healthy with water.  But about six years ago a very unusual product found its way into my utility room at home and is now something my family can’t live without.  Unlike the first two products this one does something completely different and unexpected.  This one will actually pay you money every week.  I’m talking about saving thousands of dollars in a very short amount of time for a typical family of four.  Even more important you’ll improve your family’s health by reducing “human skin exposure” to toxic chemicals while personally helping to clean up the environment.  See it here in my STORE.

This is an impressive lineup of exceptional and innovative products.  My family uses all three together but they work well alone or in any combination with your existing equipment.  My website also offers a limited number of product alternatives that would be my second choice particularly for drinking water if you’re on fixed-income or tight budget.  One thing I’ve learned after many years of exploring the water quality industry is there is no truth in advertising and the buyer should be very cautious.  I’ve purposely not included several popular products because good science does not always support manufacturer's claims.  If something sounds too good to be true it probably is.  Call anytime for a free assessment of any water product.  I’m here to serve you and will do everything I can to help you best protect your family and health.

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Pure Water 4 Health

We're Proud to be Mentioned by Dr. Weil

We're Proud to be Mentioned by Dr. Weil

Dr. Andrew Thomas Weil established the field of integrative medicine which integrates alternative and conventional medicine. Weil is the author of several best-selling books. He is the founder and program director of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine which he started in 1994 at the University of Arizona.

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